In 2010, Smile. A lot!

Raise your glass...

And repeat after me.

I [insert your name here], do here by swear that I will have a fantastic 2010!
I will look for the small things that make life so wonderful and happy.
I will cherish the small things that make life amazing.
I will find something positive not matter how weird things get.
If I begin to complain, I will remember there are those with less who would treasure what I have and therefore I will feel blessed for the things I have.
I will work hard and play hard.
I will tell my loved ones I love them often and with passion.
I will hug those that mean the most to me and not let go until they stop hugging me.

I will do random nice things for complete strangers.
I will laugh loudly when others are shy to.
I will try my best to be nice to everyone... killing them with kindness is my new mantra.
I will smile. A lot!
(Katie added this one)... I will take amazing care of the dog no matter how cold, dark, or rainy it is.

I will have a fantastic 2010!

Cheers to the New Year!!  

Here's to health, happiness, and lots of good things within your reach!

(Love you Mr. Happy -- looking forward to celebrating over 2000 days with you!)


Jientje said...

I solemnly swear I will read your posts and look at your pictures and nod my head in agreement. Your posts are so positive, you could be my soul sister! Your outlook on life is exactly how I see it. Love love love reading here!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Jientje, thank you so much! I really like to think we are soul sisters!! I am so excited to connect with another positive minded lady and you can be sure I will be continuing to enjoy your blog as well!

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