My favorite thing for the new year are things that pamper.

I've discovered Lush.  I found out I had one at my local mall.  Haven't heard of Lush... don't feel bad, neither had I.  If you have heard of Lush... gee... why didn't you tell me?

The company is amazing all the way down to vegan things and reducing the amount of trash their company creates.  And if you have been to one of their stores, then you understand how fun it is to wander the place in search of awesome smells and pampering goodness!  In my last trip, I indulged in bubble bars and soap... and some awesome gifts I got to share with family and friends!

Then I used a bubble bar.  Ahh-mazing!

Love the yellow paper.

Love how the paper says not to throw it out, but rather to bring it back and fill'er up again.  Check out how it's made from recycled plastic!! 

Love the smell.  It's called Karma.  Divine!

I love the colors.

And check out these bubbles!!  These bubbles make you feel like a rock star, comfort, soothe, and condition the brain all at once!  This particular lushie treat is used by slowly crumbling it under hot running water.

For the moments I don't have the time to take a hot bath, I also grabbed a few bath bombs.  You put them on the shower floor while you do your showering thing... and they slowly release amazing scents to uplift, relax, invigorate, or whatever scent you choose.  Incredible how smell can have so much power over us!

I am happy to have found such a cool company.  You can tell they think about things all the way down to the very last detail.  You can also tell they care!  I appreciate that from a company!

Hope you have found ways to pamper yourself today!


Jientje said...

There is a Lush store in Antwerp, I might have to check it out! I think I might want to try the shower bombs, sounds wonderful!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

Oh, I hope you do! It's worth a visit just to go in and sniff!! Hope you feel pampered too!

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