Music to your ears!

Today a huge smile was on my face on my drive in to work. 

Sounds crazy ... I know. 

But, I'll share a little secret with you.... ready?

... for me hitting the right music on the way in makes all the difference in my day. 

Their is a party music station that has been kinda bad lately;  but not this morning.  This morning the DJ was mixing through a bunch of old party-dance classics... and then some how worked Offspring into the mix.  Fantastic!!

I had the radio loud... my shoulders bopping... and that big silly grin on my face.  I must have been a sight to other drivers.  When I got a funny stare, I just mouthed, "don't come too much closer.... happiness is contagious!" 

Ha!  Ok, so I really didn't mouth that to other drivers, but that would have been funny to do, right?

Today:  Happiness = good tunes to start your day with a smile!

Music sure to put a smile on my face:  Sublime, Live, Dave Matthews, and that Sweet Home Alabama song.  Oh and that song about Pouring Sugar... that's good stuff!!

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