Ahhh... vacation.  Time to recharge, sleep in, and find new ways to reach happiness!

I took a much needed break to do this and man 'o man am I back!  I have some pretty neat things to share with you too!

So, what does recharging look like?  Let me dig through some photos and see if you agree that they are the definition of recharging....

Here... we... go!

Recharging is seeing a row of kissing balls and thinking about how much you want to smooch!

Recharging is drinking a cold one in the sunshine!

Recharging probably means a lot of different to each of us.  It's funny too... my idea of recharging my batteries is mingling in a huge room full of funny, smiling people!  Ok, I'll take them even if they aren't funny.

One last try at it.

Recharging is your favorite goldie with a tiny little ribbon-bow around her head!

Tell me the last one doesn't recharge you and I send a doc over pronto... to check your head.

Ya, she melts me every time!!

And I've got plenty more where that came from! 

Glad to be back :)

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