Crust of bread

I'll admit that lots of things make me happy. 

I bet lots of things make you happy too.

When I start to think about what those things are... a lot of them are food or food related.  One of the foods high on my list is bread.  I could eat cheese and bread, or butter and bread or jam and bread, or nutella and bread for days straight and be totally blissful! 

I'm not talking about wonderbread, not that their is anything against it, but I prefer my bread to be crusty on the outside and soft in the middle.  I like when my bread is freshly made and still warm from the oven.

So, you can imagine my delight when a breadmaker showed up under the Christmas tree!  At first I was little bit like, "how much will I really use a bread maker?"  Then as I began to read the manual (geeky I know)... I realized how fancy these things are!  You put the ingredients in the tin... and walk away.  Seriously.  Then when you walk back later... the smell makes you drool and all you have to do is pop a fresh bread out of the machine and eat it.  (Have I got your attention yet?) 

Here is the first loaf from the bread maker.  This is a white loaf with a medium crust. 

Since this bread, Mr. Happy has made a french bread that was so good I totally forgot to take pictures (we dove right in).  I am looking forward to trying a wheat bread, raisin bread, rolls, and pizza dough too!

Had to share this slice of happy with you today (pun intended!!!)!  Does bread do it for you?  What other wonderful things should I be putting on my bread to make me smile?

Fresh warm crusty bread = happiness!


Jientje said...

YUP!!! I'm a bread baker myself. But I don't have a bread machine, I do the kneading with my Kenwood kitchen machine and the baking in the oven. And I LOVE love love the aromas spreading through the whole apartment! I love it straight from the oven with a generous amount of real butter on it. YUM! :-)

Iva Messy said...

OMG!!! that looks SO SO SO good. and I love baking bread!!! ;) love the way it just smells so delicious around the whole house!!

Moose said...

We love bread, that's why we jog A LOT! Yummy...
Check out my blog to compare who's feet (paws) are bigger!!!
Tail Wags to All.

Christie, Describe Happy said...

You are all so right!! The smell of baking bread is really decadent!!

Moose, I headed over to check out your blog now. Thanks for stopping by!

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