Fish watching the tube

Fish are a funny thing.  They are so different from us air breathers.  And at the same time I get such a huge sense of happiness feeding them, cleaning them, and most days I could just spend hours watching them!!

I think I originally introduced you to my fish here in March last year.

And then later I gave you another glimpse of how cute Titan is here after a much needed tank scrubbing.

Well, the darling fish have gotten an upgrade.  A bigger tank that is.  And Titan (the biggest black moor) has gotten two new friends who need an introduction. 

So, Titan is the biggest one.  The smallest black moor I named Twinkle, much to the dismay of Mr. Happy.  You see originally I was naming my fish after American Gladiators... but I went a bit more girly this time.  The gold fish is named Star. 

(You name your fish, right?  So, this isn't too weird... right?)

Like I was saying earlier, I spend a lot of time watching these guys swim around, play in the water fall from the filter, chase bubbles, look at the rocks, and interact with each other.  The other day I noticed something.... let me show you what I mean.

They seem to be up to something, don't you think?  Why are they all looking in the same direction?  What are they looking at? 

I think. Don't make fun of me... but I think, they are watching TV with me.  Look.  Looks like they are, doesn't it?

They stayed like that for pretty much the full hour of the show House.  I wonder what the show looks like from underwater?  Do you think they can hear it like we can, or does it all get translated it to water ripples?

Seeing fish enjoy the same TV show as me = happiness!

Even more so.... giving my fish silly personalities and names and trying to guess how big they will get = happiness!


Jientje said...

You better watch it. They might become TV addicts! ROFL!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

I may have to monitor what they watch too! Hahaha!

Iva Messy said...

HAHAH!! this is awesome!! and,yes, I do think they are watching TV with you...my son would watch your fish all day if he could ..and he would call Star "Nemo" ...because any gold fish in Nemo to him {he's 3}

Moose said...

We think one of those darn fish has a remote control in it's fin??? We don't have cable, so they would hate it our house.
Tail Wags to the little fishies.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Um, this is hilarious! Made my day :).

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