Yesterday was a flaky kind of day for me.  Too busy... too tired... and I didn't have any pre-written blogs to post up quickly.  To make up for it I have three things for you today! 

Speaking of flakes.... Snowflakes are really pretty incredible when you think about it!  Each and every one supposedly is a different design.  So, since we have a ton of the stuff.. I got really close to see what I could find.  

As usual I was amazed!!  These were taken at night.. I can only imagine how much more you would be able to see with light reflecting off them.

I can't get over how delicate they seem.  How each one has so much personality and detail.  And my brain gets dizzy trying to think about how many snowflakes it must take to make up the mounds that we have hanging around.  

Sort of like how each of us is so different, but takes all of us to make up this crazy place called Earth!

Remembering we are all unique and special... much like these snowflakes = happiness!

Here is another time I took a close look at frozen things: Tiny Crystals

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