This was an experiment of candy and dogs that was fun and I would say somewhat successful!
I was at the gas station recently picking up some junk food for a football game and I saw they had gummi cherries!!  Whoot!  It was like a blast from the past... I love those things, so naturally I snagged a bag. 
Well, long story short I am going to admit to playing with my food... a little bit.  I mean, that's what gummi cherries are for, right?  Playing?  It's fun to break off the stem, or pull apart the cherries. 
As, I was playing...errr, umm... eating... Katie was naturally interested in what I was doing.  So, I started making goofball faces at her through the teenie tiny gap between the stems.  (I know I must be certifiable to be admitting this).
But look how cute she looks through gummi fruit!! 

I only got an eye that time.  Let me realign and see if I can do a better job.

There she is!!!!  Two eyes and her silly big black nose, but darn.  Now you can't see her smiling.  You know dogs smile, right?

Tee-heee.... there's my goofball!!  Full smile and all.  This is fun! 
I was having some trouble getting her to stand still.  As you can imagine it's a bit challenging to line up your dog's full smile through your gummi fruit while taking a picture. 
Mr. Happy thought it would helpful to ask her to hold still.  Katie gets very serious when listening to Mr. Happy give commands.  Just look at the change in my goofball...

Serious indeed.  But either way this was a fun fruity and gummi experience.  Can I describe an experience as gummi?  Katie doesn't seem to mind gummi experiences ;)

Enjoying another take on ways to make silly faces at your dog = happiness!

Finding new ways to play with your food and share it with world on the internet = happiness!

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