A little something sweet

Mr. Happy has been trying to get me to go to a local orchard/farm stand for a few weeks now.  And, we finally made it to the place this past Friday! 

When I walked in the store, off a little windy road, I was instantly dazzled by the smells in there! 

There were homemade pies cooling (apple and berry and key lime), cider donuts, cupcakes, jams, honey, and so many other good smelling baked goods I know I am forgetting!  

And look what we found!!!  Real maple syrup!  (I sound like a little kid, don't I?)
With real maple syrup in the cabinet it was the perfect excuse on Saturday to make waffles and sit down for a decadent breakfast with my husby!

You can see the crispiness of the waffle and the golden color of the syrup.  Seriously, this made my week! 

Look how cute the design on the bottle is!  The cute house tucked up on the hill, the trees, the horses pulling the wagon... I wouldn't mind visiting that place! 
I coudn't resist one more picture of my waffle.  I think one of the things that makes them so much fun is the way the syrup stays in the little squares. 

Do you have a favorite breakfast or treat that takes you instantly to a happier place?


Jientje said...

Oh my word, this really made my mouth water!

JMay said...

Omg, that looks so tasty! Darn this wedding diet ;-)


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