Creative Tuesday: Curtains

Tuesday = time to put on your creative hat for Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesday's assignment!

This week's theme we all explored "Curtains."  tada!  ya, I felt a little bit flat after reading the new theme, but it hasn't deterred me from jumping in and seeing what I could do with this.

[Aside: True story about curtains... I am not a fan of them.  I have the bare minimum amount of curtains in the house and would much rather plant a large tree outside my window than have window treatments.]

That said, I still gave this my all and tried to put together something I would still enjoy creating.  And I am so happy I did!!

I started with hippie bead curtains and then decided there would be a private and peaceful room within.

I think I surprised myself with the amount of detail that I included  -- that's the result of freshly sharpened pencil! 

Also, a scene like this... bare of animals, characters, and humor is a stretch for me.  But that's the point right?  Stretch that creative muscle and produce something that you didn't see coming.

As I began to fill in the colors I felt more connected to the place and could even see myself going to this restaurant or home of sorts to enjoy a quiet conversation and cup of green tea!

I also choose to work with and blend all the purples in my color pencil box -- I was stunned how many shades of purple I had.

And here is the final result: a combination of Hippie and Japanese with royal purple tones.  Would this design style be Hipanese?

A closer look at the table setting.  I tried to create a soft feel with the color pencils.  A stray from my normal bold color choices.

The bonsai tree and strange big daisy type flower.

The cushions, tea pot, and chop sticks!

Yup, I can see myself sinking right into this room and letting the day melt away.

I sure had fun with this assignment again.  Hope you will go check out my fellow artists here and see their interpretation of Curtains -- bet you didn't think they could be so fun!


Christine said...

Christie, I love your beaded curtains, they are so pretty along with the whole room. Very creative considering you're not 'a curtain person'.

Jenny said...

I have ALWAYS wanted some beaded cutains!!! And a room like this to join them would be simply fantastic!
Love the detail and thoughts behind it..chopsticks included :)x

Michael said...

Christie, you are soooo clever. I love this piece--one of your best actually I think. Very fun and I love how you involve us in the process and your frankness about how curtains left your so "tada" flat! Hahahaha. thank you for pushing through. you most certainly flexed that creative muscle. BTw, I also enjoy your new blog layout. Very nice.

now, when can we all go to this place and eat some of that healthy nosh? :)

Kristin Dudish said...

I love your "Hipanese" style.. I think you may be on to something ;)

Your details are great - I'd love to eat there!


Unknown said...

I think you designed and coined a new style.'Hipanese' is good with me. You did a great job. I stopped after just the sketch since I am so into making all my Christmas gifts. Sort of rushed for time. Great job.

Mikkamakka said...

Can I have a tea at your Hipanese place? Great ideal,Kristine!;-)

Heather said...

Hipanese....FABULOUS...LOVE THIS. How cool to only use all purples, too....really love the beads, too. I would so enjoy sitting on those floor pillows with my CT buddies...how cool. I really like the details you have added here, too. xxoo

Betsy Brock said...

Lovely! I want some beaded curtains! haha...I'm like you...no curtains! We have blinds, but only because sometimes you need privacy. We like the light to fill the house! Curtains seem fussy!

Janice said...

I really like that you showed us your process, and the end produce is quite delightful.

From the Recliner said...

Maybe its my age, or my upbringing....but I love curtains, lace dollies, aprons and table scarves.. My my, now you know my age.

But I do love your drawing, and did have bead curtains in the 60's

Wanda said...

I'm On my husbands lap top,,,,so it looks like he send the comment. No it was not my dearest, it was me, Wanda

Christie describeHappy said...

@Christine, thank you, I promise to embrace each challenge!
@Jenny, I have always wanted beaded curtains too! And yippie for chopsticks!
@Mmm, thank you sir! My best.. wow! And I have to say again, thanks for pushing me to try something very different!
@Kristin, Hipanese, I wonder if that’s already been thought of.. or if I’m really making it up.
@Daylily, glad it worked and totally know what you mean about running low on time lately!
@Mikka, yes, let’s have tea!
@Heather, the purples were fun! And BIG yes to sitting on the floor while eating!
@Betsy, I really need to invest in blinds… seems like a good compromise!
@Janice, glad you enjoyed it!
@Wanda, I knew that must have been you doll! And it’s funny I love curtains, lace, and aprons, just not a fan of them the style of house that I have? It’s ok to like girly things and still not hang curtains, right?

Gumnut said...

Beaded curtains are kind of magical aren't they? They sparkle and create such a mystical atmosphere. Great interpretation of the challenge :D

I like the perspective in this piece. It gives the whole scene such character.

Thanks for sharing.

(up late)

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