Plaidly Pocket Quilt Finished!

I shared yesterday that I finished the plaid quilt I was working on!

It's marvelous!

Here are some of the finishing photos and the real unveiling!  When I last shared here, I was still in need of binding.

I decided on continuing the scrappy theme into the binding.  Also, remember that blue stars fabric?  It finally made it's appearance with some of the other fabrics I was working with for the top.

Yes, Katie continued her quality checks throughout the process.  Here you can see the quilt laid out with the loose binding cut out and laid on top.  Katie looks smitten, doesn't she?

I did have to cut a bit all the way around to square up the quilt.  Yes, it moved.  It always moves, doesn't it?  I have a neat idea on ways to use those small pieces of batting and fleece -- I'll have to show you soon!

This photo gives you a better look at the quilting pattern I went with.  And the binding is pinned and ready for sewing!

Sewing up the binding is always so nerve wrecking.  But, I didn't break any more needles and the binding went fairly smoothly!

Fast forward to the next morning and I was ready step back and take it all in!  So purdy!  I really like how the design turned out and that pocket totally rocks my socks!! 

Oh, and don't you like that little pop of royal blue from the binding?

Here is a close up of the flannel.  This is really one quilt that is meant to be touched before you can say you have really experienced it.  It feels so darn soft!!

A quick peak of the soft blue-gray fleece used for the backing.

This was certainly one photogenic and adorable lap quilt!  So, you may still be wondering who I made this quilt for.  I told you it was for a guy.  Any guesses?

The answer... this past Friday I gifted this quilt to my lovely step-father.  He is still healing and regaining strength from an operation last year and he mentioned that he is cold a lot -- especially this time of year.  That's what got my juices flowing.  Maybe a nice warm quilt to snuggle with would keep him warm like a nice big hug.

When I gave it to him, I kind of just plopped a folded up bundle into his arms and told him I made it for him.  He grinned, I grinned, Mom grinned, bro grinned, bro's fiancee grinned. 

Dad unfolded it and said it was really nice.  I told everyone they had to touch it -- it's so soft!!  Dad draped it on his lap and I think little tears were forming in the corner of my eyes. 

It's really touching to see him so surprised and happy!  That moment is what I focused on with each stitch I put into the fabric.  That is the moment I will remember for what I am sure will be a long long time!

I will also be sharing this at Amylouwho's Sew and Tell!  You can see other fabulous sewing projects finished this week here.


odessaseven said...

The quilt looks fantastic, and the fabric makes it seem incredibly inviting to curl up with.

Such a great idea.

Unknown said...

what a handsome quilt. your right it is the type of quilt you just want to reach out and touch. is the flannel by the yard or from shirts? is so reminds me of my FIL's wardrobe.

Unknown said...

Oh, that looks so soft and cuddly!

Kristie said...

I love the pocket! And plaid is a favorite of mine. What a special gift!

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Quality checks - that's great! This quilt looks so snuggly and warm, great job :)

Naturally Carol said...

What a perfect quilt to give a bloke! I gave my dad an afghan I crocheted over winter for his 80th birthday last week and he was rapt too. I love the subtle colours of flannel and the softness too!

Morgane @ Bear,Dolly and Moi said...

nice quilt, and great quality control! I usually sew with a dog underfoot....it seems to work better that way!
thanks for visiting

Jeannette StG said...

Wow, I didn't think you would have finished it so quickly!! His tears was the nicest "thank you" you could get!

Jo said...

It's fantastic Christie! I swear I can feel how soft it is through the computer. Your dad's a lucky man to have something made with so much love. I'm too scared to try making a quilt - it looks beyond me. But hopefully I'll get the courage up one day!

EG CameraGirl said...

The quilt turned out very well indeed! I can see why you are happy!

Suburban Girl said...

What a special gift and dad's reaction makes it all worth it. I so admire your handwork!

Dianne said...

it's amazing even when it's rolled up!!
an absolute treasure, you're really talented
I love that Katie did quality checks, she's so helpful

Unknown said...

What a neat idea for your quilt…a pocket. I am a beginner quilter and I do agree with you…the binding worries me too. I hate it.

I like your site and have become a member. Looking forward to your post.


Coneflower Ranch said...

Such a great job! I'm impressed! I tried my hand at quilting for a time, but I just couldn't quite master it. :-)

Augie and Ti's mom said...

Aww, that's a sweet story! I'm sure he appreciated a quilt made from LOVE! :)

SouthernSass said...

That is a great quilt! You are very talented and I know he will treasure it!

Quiltstory said...

Such a great man quilt! great hand quilting! Thanks for linking up to Quiltstory!

Michael said...

WOW!!!! that is really amzing, Christie--a huge accomplishments. Looks oh so cozy. GREAT JOB. Love it. how wonderful. you must be so HAPPY! :D

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wow, cool! You can tell it's comfy because the dog is really enjoying it. :-)

CJ said...

It does look soft and comfy!

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