Let's Catch Up, shall we?

I have been living in the glorious moments of all that has happened this past weekend and week.  Makes me really smile to think of all the things that surrounded me.  Pure joy.  Let's take a look.

I got an amazing giftie in the mail.  Chock full of thoughtful gift tags, cupcake keyring, beautiful fabric, and a scarf (which I tied on to my handbag).  Thank you again to the lovely Seaweed and Raine!

And on a separate, but related note have you seen her Sunshine Mail Swap yet?  Yup, it's every bit as delightful as it sounds.  I'm in.. hope to see you there!

I managed to make a bunch of... you guessed it... red binding!

I had a lot of help attaching the red binding. 

My (little) brother got married.  Yes.  Married.  As in even more of a real grown up.  Crazy stuff.  And my new Sister in Law is fantastic.  They made the most adorable bride and groom... threw a crazy fun party... and I can't wish them more love for a happy ever after!

I even made a new friend at the wedding.  Tell me you could pass up a picture with the hedgehog?

I also finally got to see the water/rock/light center piece my brother designed and has been talking about for months.  Well worth the wait.

Weddings mean families come together.  And I got to see family I hadn't see in six years.  Yes.  Six.  Too totally long. 

I've been eating dinner straight from the garden.  Lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, jalapenos, basil, cilantro.  Eating like a rabbit suits me well and I am so proud to be able to 'harvest' dinner!

I have chased this one around the yard.  A. Lot! 

She is starting to test her limits now at three months.  And weighted in recently at almost 17 pounds.  I'm not going to be able to sling her under my arm shortly.  Uggg.. what a cute little stinker!

Overall, I think we are all enjoying happiness in the moment.  I get these grins nearly all the time right now.  Happiness must really be contagious.  We certainly all have it!

Last thought before I shove off -- I am participating in July's Friday Night Sew In tonight.  Yes, braving the heat in my non-AC sewing room.  Can't wait to show you what's on my sewing machine tonight. 

Handmade by Heidi

Hope you are doing well and staying cool if you are fighting off the same heat wave we are getting here in NY.  See you in the morning!

Much love for Japan


Wendy said...

Oh my, the little one is getting so big, so fast! Glad you're enjoying your summer. Wish I could join in FNSI but it's been a loooong day and I'm exhausted. Will look forward to what you get done tonight!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Loving Puppy smiles! :)
And wow - what gorgeous bridesmeaids dresses. Love the yellow!!! Your brother is rather clever isn't he? They are cool centre pieces.

lissa said...

just left a comment to join in the Sunshine Mail Swap. thanks for posting about it.

I hope your summer is happy and cool.

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