Mail Call!! {Thank you, Anita and Kelly!}

I also got a package recently from the amazing gals (and pups) over at Rhinestone Beagle.  A short while back we all got to celebrate their 100 follower milestone and I was the lucky winner of their incredible giveaway. 

Just look at the amazing package I got to open!  (apologizes for the bad lighting, but I was so excited to dig in)

Swoon!!  Notions and fabric, and buttons, and yarn goodies, a squishy owl, and handmade cards, and ricrac, and the coolest lion on a bag with an amazing quote EVER!  I'm feeling totally spoiled!!

Katie and Sammy even shared in the fun with awesome dog jerkies from Sadie, Mr. Biscuit, and Gidget.  They say a huge THANKYOU nom nom nom!!!  Here they are smiling for a treat.

I have to laugh at how serious Sammy gets when anything food is involved.

Here is a better shot of the front of the bag. 

I got to pick out my own animal to personalize the bag... and picked a lion.  And it's incredible and regal!!  And that quote just makes everyone smile! 

It reads, "In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. --Aristotle"


Oh, look what got packed into the bag?  Is that X Marks the Spot all finished and fresh from the dryer?  And where might that lovely be off to?  A quilting guild meeting?  Oh maybe?!

Looks good in there, doesn't it?  The handles were the perfect length for a large quilt too!!  And I got so many compliments at the meeting on my now quilt bag!!

And?  Guess what?  I will also have the pleasure of teaming up with these amazing ladies (and their pups) for a Spooktacular Craftathon in October.  Awesome right?  I'll let you know more when I have a date for my guest post :)

Rhinestone Beagle

Ok, and yes, I will even show you the latest finish, Ms. X Marks the Spot..... tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!


Kolchak Puggle said...

That is so cool! Honestly, reading your blog makes me want to start crafting again. It's one of the things I love to do that kind of fell by the wayside when I went dog-crazy. (It's sa hard to craft with a juggle trying to sit on your workspace!) Seeing all these adorable things that you and other bloggers are making is an inspiration. Thank you!

Rhinestone Beagle said...

We are so happy you like the goodies and its great to see your bag going to good use already! You've been a great bloggin buddy and we were really happy to see you win the giveaway. Thanks for the shout out about craftathon too. I think we are more excited than anyone to see all the fun crafting tutorials put together, yours included.

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