Wednesday WIP {Seeing Stars}

Managed quite a bit of sewing time this week and it feels good to get back in the groove!!


Forms of a Dress -- due 14 February
This is my first guild challenge!  I am finding myself sketching and re-sketching, but can feel myself getting closer to the One!

Spinning Starlets {English Paper Piecing} -- a.k.a. I've reached a new level of crazy!
Following along with the Block Party at Selfsewn; creating Rose Stars.  And.... drum roll please.... I finished my first one!!  Whohohoooo!!!
On the ironing board waiting for a nice press (and in terrible yellow closet light)

Pressed and happy!  I need to grab a better daylight picture, but really liking how it came out!

Private Swap with Megan from Silver Threads of Happiness
I have mostly finished up the pincushion I made for Megan and getting to work on her surprise surprise.  Yup, I'm having a fun time with this one. 

Name Game Swap -- due by 15 March
We are swapping a mini quilt that uses the name of our swap partner in the quilt.  Cool, no?  I have gotten my partner's information and am starting to snoop around for ideas and inspirations.  I did pull a bunch of fabrics, but want to make sure they are her style/colors -- this is going to be out my normal style and should be interesting!

Star Struck or Map to the Stars -- star quilt-a-long by Melissa at Happy Quilting
I am up to eight stars -- you can see more here!!  Feeling good about it.  Now, I just need to figure out how I want to lay out the design.  I was originally going to just lay them out next to each other, but it feels heavy and unbalanced.  Still trying to figure out what to do next.
A bunch of new stars.

All the stars together.  You know.  Looking at this picture again (and sorry for the low light) I'm thinking it's the blue check and bold bottom right star fabrics that are throwing the design off.  The softer colors are melting in to the brown instead of fighting it.  Hmmm....

Naughty Notions Challenge -- I've decided not to enter in this round due to everything else going on. 


Laughing Leaves with Frieda Anderson
More of the project can be seen here.  Can't wait to roll up my sleeves and dig back in!  You can also check out what I learned about using fusible in an art quilt!
Still no deadline for this one.  The way things are going, maybe I pick this up once my show pieces are done?

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This Week's Work in Progress (WiP) Stats:
Last WiP Wednesday Total: 8
New Projects: 0
Finished Projects: 1 (backed out on Naughty Notions challenge)
Total WiP's: 7
And a dose of Katie (left) and Sammy (right) playing in the snow we got over the weekend!


Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie! How lovely projects you have goin gon! I have been too busy these last days but now I will have time all the weekend...to sew! Thanks for sharing your puppies' happy moment!
x Teje

Kelly @ Vintage Fabric Studio said...

the stars are just beautiful! Can't wait to see more of those. How long does each one take? Have fun in the snow and how about those Giants on Sunday! Woo-whoo!

Linz said...

Love the stars!! that paper piecing looks awesome and intense!! Way to go! Good luck on the forms of a dress!

Abby said...

I love your stars - I may have to join that quilt along!

Kerstin said...

I can only repeat what all the others said, those stars are lovely!

Amorette said...

the spinning starlets block is amazing, just gorgeous. i love the colors and patterns.

Lee said...

Such a cute picture of the doggies playing in the snow. : ) Snow always makes my dog so hyper - still does and she's almost 10! The spinning stars are just gorgeous. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

Seaweed and Raine said...

You really ARE getting your sewing mojo back! :) How do you go about a private swap? (Eg. Like the one with megan...) Sounds interesting. I just finished part of something for one of the boys - can't wait to get the other part done so I can show you! :)

Kolchak Puggle said...

That top project is adorable! I love the colours. Is there anything cuter than dogs in the snow?

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

wait... mushrooms AND snow?

Puppies look even more loveable when there's 2. Each of their personalities come out more distinctly, do you find?
: )

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