Veggie Garden Retaining Wall

This past weekend we enjoyed the most delightful sunny weather.  The kind of summery feeling day that draws the whole family outside to soak in the rays, feel the breeze, and get our hands (or paws) in the dirt.

We were minding our own business.  Dreaming of seeds to sow and veggie garden layouts. 

And then it happened.

The brick retaining wall, who has seen better days... 

...looked at us funny...

...so, we tore it down.

And made a big mess.

And I know there is a bunch more work to go... but squee! we're building the expanded veggie garden of my dreams, complete with a hand built natural stone retaining wall.  

Can you see it?  It's going to be amazing!! 

p.s. and that's how I spent most of my weekend.  Yes, we did cook down the final batch of maple syrup.  no, I still need to take a picture to share here.  and yes, that was our christmas tree holding down the woods as a natural bird habitat... at least that's what I keep telling the Mister.


Megan said...

Busy weekend for you! How's the back feeling? However, on the other hand, awesome natural stone retaining wall plan, I am in love already!

Unknown said...

Love your dogs! Good work on the wall! Thanks for sharing Joann come and follow me back

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