WIP {Starting Prism and Veggies!}

As promised, here is a better look at the rainbow all put together.  And that's Katie there under the quilt.  I just couldn't resist a photo with her cute little fluffy tail there and wee little bum!  Next steps with this one include basting, quilting, and binding.  You can read more about this one in yesterday's post.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This Week's Work in Progress (WiP) Stats:
Last WiP Wednesday Total: 8
New Projects: 1 (the hand sewing ribbons)
Finished Projects: 0
Total WiP's: 9

With the rainbow blocks off the design wall I didn't leave the space empty for long.  The triangles for my very own Patchwork Prism jumped right up on the wall. 
I am still fussing around with placement and loving it!  I'm also happy that this is going to be a nice and big quilt!  I'm following the quilt along found at Sweet Diesel Designs if you are interested. 

This little stitchy was started in a power outage and really came together all on it's own.  Is it done yet, should it be an art quilt mini, a pillow?  I'm not sure yet. 
But I have the piece right in my workspace so that it can tell me what it wants next.  It's one of those go-with-the-flow kind of projects and I'm excited to see where it takes me. 

And for the sake of sharing all sorts of progress, I wanted to share that my garden is growing!!  I'm smitten that a lot of these plants are coming up from seeds I have sown.  Makes it extra special. 

In the bottom of the photo you can see green bean plants and peppermint.  That's the pea trellis toward the back. 

And I couldn't resist a sunny photo of the rock pathway.  I have such a sweet spot for rocks and the Mister really hit a home run when he put this garden together for me.  I love that I can bounce through the garden and fuss over a plant or pull a weed without worrying about where my footing is. 

In this one, you can see a bell pepper plant and tiny butternut squash in the lower left.  The tall plant about midway up on the left is a rouge peony that's going to be moved.  On the right, you can see a tomato plant and the tiny leave line to the left of the tomatoes is arugula.  I'll be sharing this over at Outdoor Wednesday with A Southern Daydreamer too!

I'm looking forward to more work on both the sewing and gardening fronts!  They both have a way of calming me and making me smile!! 

Wishing you a lovely day!


Ann said...

I admire a gardener who starts from seeds. I have little patience for waiting so I usually by bedding plants and vegies. You have a wonderful garden area--lots of room and a fantastic garden path. There IS something about rocks!

Kelly said...

That prism quilt is gorgeous!!

Collette said...

love the prisms! love your rainbow too such beautiful colours. I adore that little path in your garden! Tell me if you don't mind what do you use for your design wall and is it sticky?
Collette x

Megan said...

I want your veggie garden! Loe the flagstone path look, I have so many of those pinned in my pinterest boards and I am dying to have our ugly red concrete slab path to our front door ripped up and replaced with flagstones. Veggies are looking pretty great too!!

Amy said...

I love the prism quilt, and your color block. The garden should bring in a nice harvest.

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

First off I love the rainbow quilt. Really gorgeous. Yay you are starting prism layout! What is your design wall? The garden is wonderful. Nothing like eating home grown, fresh veggies! Way to go. Looks like lots of work...

Seaweed and Raine said...

Loving the rainbows quilt! Gorgeous - seriously. Your new quilt looks like it has colours for all seasons mixed in there.
I think you should make your little bit of blue and white stitchy into a cushion/pillow... that way if/when it gets a little dusty, you can give it a wash... but then again, you might have a wall that is screaming out for it! :)
Oh I love peonies. It's too hot here or I'd grow some myself. I look forward to seeing your blossoms.
S x0x

Melinda said...

Love your Bottled Rainbows! I've got to get mine done!

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