Hand in the Dirt {how does my garden grow?}

This garden of mine is growing quite nicely!  I do owe it a bit of weeding, but in general it seems to be thriving. 

I'm going to contribute the success to these.  Puddles.  Which means it's been raining.  Plenty.  Meaning I'm not guilty of forgetting to water my garden.  Cheesy grin!

Here you can see a row of potatoes that are getting full, bushy, and green.  I only planted these about 2 weeks ago and they are racing taller every day. 

A closer look at an individual potato plant.  It's my first year growing these.  Can't wait to see what happens... and goodness knows I love potatoes!!  Bet they are incredible fresh from the dirt!

The peas on the trellis are doing their pea thing.  Climbing and climbing and getting so intertangled with each other.  There are a ton of flowers and I am so looking forward to seeing those turn in to pea pods!

A closer look at the wee pea flowers.

The squashes are happy. 

I have summer and a winter butternut variety.  A total of 8 or so plants, but I still wonder why this particular one is so much bigger than all the others.  And the leaves are getting so big that in a rain storm the water makes them heavy and they lean on the ground for support.

This is my first time growing orange peppers.  I love how early they are emerging and really looking forward to seeing the orange color!  Hello fajitas!

Here's a look at on of the grape tomatoes plants.  Lots of fruit emerging, but I also seem to have something eating on these.  Going to have to investigate a bit more.

I always seem to have a doggy shadow when I get about my gardening work.  I know they are just as excited about eating things straight from the garden as I!

And I'm not sure I've properly introduced you to my favorite rock in the garden.  This particular one is part of the stone wall that the Mister built for me in the spring.  I just love the character and it's even more interesting in the rain.  Makes me smile every time I see it!

Hope your gardens are doing wonderful too!


Becky said...

Your garden is WAY ahead of ours!! But we're finally starting to get some warm weather (fingers crossed...).

Teresa said...

Looks amazing. Don't forget to thin out the potato plants early (now!) so the strong ones will have room to develop a root structure. Then when they're bigger, you'll have to "hill" them to keep the roots - and future potatoes - covered with dirt.
Peas are much easier :)

Seaweed and Raine said...

You veggies are growing beautifully! Want to come and start one for me? ;) Just kidding!

Megan said...

Your garden is thriving indeed! You are going to have such delicious fare out of all of that work, how exciting!

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