The 5 O'Clock Puppy

Sammy, our youngest golden pup has this thing about her and I feel an overwhelming need to tell you about it today.

(And for the record Katie is the dog in these pictures. Confusing? maybe, but let me explain.)

Sammy is certainly...


All the things you would normally expect to describe a puppy. 

But, as I started out, she has this thing about her.  She wakes up at basically five in the morning. Every day!

It doesn't matter how late I keep her up, how much exercise or stimulation she gets, or if she has free roam or is in her crate.


Before roosters.  Where in the world was I notified that I had brought home a 5 O'Clock puppy?

Now does it make more sense why I have to show you pictures of the 'best dog ever' and the lake on a bright sunny day?  Katie could win an Olympic gold metal for sleeping in, hence, best dog ever title!

And there is no way you'd want to see pictures of what I look or feel like at 5am.

Although, I admit, that it's been a year of this early to rise puppy behavior and I am just starting to learn how to smile that early in the morning. 

So you want to know what really terrifies me?

Daylight savings time.

You know when we fall back?  As in 5am becomes 4am. 

Terrifiying, dark, cold, early, snowy 4am.  All I know is that this pup better be following the morning light and not the actual clock time.  I mean seriously, can you direct me to a training manual for how to train a puppy to sleep in? 

This is a new one for me.


Becky said...

ROFL 5'0clock puppy!! So funny! I'm afraid I feel your pain, as I have a 5'oclock son. Luckily he's old enough mow to take care of himself early in the morning, but I went through many years of getting up at the crack of dawn, although he DID sleep in until the crack of dawn. My oldest son was like your oldest dog... a champion of morning sleep. Night owl vs early bird personalities, still to this day... FWIW, my dog is great at sleeping in too, but our cat wasn't, still isn't, 10 years later, and we (gulp) put her in the laundry room each night, but have done so since her first night at our house, so she's used to it. We've tried many times as she has aged to let her sleep in the house, but she always keeps waking us up way too early. I think with pets and people, it's just how we're hard-wired!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Christie, I understand you! Hanna was so long time waking me every morning at 6. Here we sleep very late so it was really early. Then she changed a little bit but now again she wakes me every morning about 6 and it's difficult to get some sleep more. If we just didn't have to go to work because it's beautiful outside early in the morning! x Teje

Josie McRazie said...

I fell ya! My dogs are NOT on the same sleep pattern! Big dog likes to be outside no later than 6 and if she is not, well expect a tounge drooling on you from beside the bed! And yet even as we get out to let her out Little Dog hunkers down even deeper under our covers! LOL! He likes to sleep in till almost 10! Thank goodness I stay at home or the little guy would never get outside!

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