Real signs of spring

I was in the backyard (a.k.a. dog park) hanging out with Katie when I notice that there are real signs of spring.  Actual warm and sunny spring!  And they are right in my backyard. 

I nearly couldn't believe it when I saw them.  Look how magical...

Do you see what I mean?

How about now?  Look a little closer!

Delicately tucked in the leaves were these amazing and totally unexpected flowers (are they snow drops?)!!!  I admit I did plant a ton of crocus, which haven't made their way up yet, but I didn't put anything here.  

What a cool surprise!  I am just so glad that Katie and I were goofing off in the backyard so that I noticed them.

This by itself may not be a sign of spring, but it reminds me of those comical furry critters that scamper around and eat them.  That makes me think of the movie Bambi.  You know where he gets twitter-paited.  

I wonder if that's where twitter came from?  From Bambi?

What I am trying to say is that squirrels act nuttier in the spring and this half nut reminded me of that whole silly thing.  (please pardon my finger in the shot) 

I have a close eye on the bulbs I planted, but looking around in one of my front gardens I found this sweet heart poking up.  I surely didn't plant this one and can't wait to see what it ends up being. 

(and who are you calling Shirley?)

Katie was also all smiles over the excitement of finding actual signs of spring.  

Just look at her grin!

Katie and I found this very fuzzy nut/pod thingy.  Katie slobbered on a few of them.  I kept this one.  I think I will put it on my desk as a spring reminder!

This is the smallest little tip of a tulip or a daffodil.  One of the many that were put there on purpose (and have survived, the deer, skunks, squirrels, my bad planting, and Katie ... so far)

This last one may not be a sign of spring, but it's neat nonetheless.  

Do people say that any more?  Nonetheless?  Too cool!

And there you have it!  Spring spring is nearly here, spring spring is everywhere!

What signs of spring are you seeing?


Jientje said...

There were a few surprises for me too, apparently I had put some bulbs in the ground and completely forgot about it! It's nice to see them pop up now!

chelsea rebecca said...

how exciting!!
i love the first signs of spring!

Suburban Girl said...

I have snow drops too. Isn't it wonderful!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I'm starting to see little signs of green on my trees. I'm so excited!!

Cynthia said...

can't wit for the flowers to bloom! and I still say nontheless I love it haha

Dianne said...

all those sweet little buds!
I love when they pop up

and I love Katie's grin

Stine in Ontario said...

You have found some REAL signs of spring! I'm still looking here and expect to see some soon...maybe next week!

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