Keeping warm in the neighborhood

Today is rainy.  It's also the weekend!  Whoop whoop!  

Put all those things together and you get the kind of day that you want to hurry and get all your chores done so that you can curl up under a warm blanket and take in a classic movie (I'm thinking 300, Troy, or Center Stage) with the dog curled up next to you while you putter away at a fun craft like origami or knitting and drink a cup of tea.  (oh ya!)

The blanket I have my eye on is a heavy crochet pattern that was a warm and thoughtful gift from my new neighbor.  I can see treasuring this blanket for a long long time!!  The colors are so me, it's so snuggle-icous, and it's an inspiration to learn how to crochet!

Here is a nice close up at the intricate pattern.

Doesn't it look like it has always been on my couch!

And it just begs you come take a load off and get comfy!

We haven't had our official house warming party just yet, but the house certainly does feel warmer knowing how awesome our neighbors are!

Hope you are staying warm and find a nice way to relax today!  Happy weekend!


julie king said...

the colors and the pattern are beautiful! makes me want to take a nap. hee hee

Jientje said...

That's a lovely blanket, you're blessed to have such sweet neighbors!

Christie, Describe Happy said...

@julie, it is very nap worthy!
@Jientje, I am blessed to have such awesome folks next door!

Suburban Girl said...

Wow, a great gift!

Cynthia said...

your neighbor sounds lovely & what a beautiful gift! my mom taught me how to crochet when I was younger but sadly all I know how to make is a scarf haha

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