Victorian Lady

My brain has been a bit random lately.  So, I hope you don't mind if I talk about small things that brings a big smile to my face for a few minutes.

I have a thing for buttons. 

Something about the different colors and shapes makes me giddy.

No really, my addiction for buttons is so strong that I actually have my lovely mother in law look for them while she is out at yard sales.  Ya.  It's ok.  Admitting it is the first step, right?

These are a few lovely ones that I was using for my recent Horse art project which I last told you about here.
What I really wanted to share you today though is one of the many containers that I use to store my buttons. 

This tin is a treasure that I got at some point from my Grandma (not sure when anymore).  I think early on she realized I had a thing for buttons and she is maybe one of the ones that fueled that fire.  I know that everytime I reach for this I think of her! 

We had a lot of good times together and I can vividly remember our many games of Scrabble, cups of tea, sessions in the kitchen making cookies, and even our gab sessions over lunch.  I miss her terribly and if I could tell her anything I would want to tell her how I feel so lucky to have had such an awesome lady in my life growing up!

So, here is the tin!  Just look at how beautiful, composed and elegant this lovely lady it. 

As you turn the container their are several images all along the same garden theme.
I just adore her dress with all the lavender bows! I think the garden she is strolling in is stunning! And, to me, it seems that she is a lady without a care in the world.

It's a wonderful thought isn't it?

Here is the other lovely composed elegant lady in my life.  She's a total doll too and I honestly attribute a lot of my happiness and sanity to her!

Katie you ROCK!

Sometimes happiness is as simple as remembering someone who has touched our lives in a positive, inpiring, or just plain 'ole memorable way.

Hope your Thursday is/has treated you well!


chelsea rebecca said...

aw buttons are so fun!
and that tin is gorgeous!!

Jientje said...

Buttons and beautiful tin boxes remind me of my own grandmother. I have a box of pretty buttons I treasure stashed away somewhere. Happy memories every time I open it! Have a great weekend Christie!

Michael said...

Very true about happiness here.

Yes, incredible tin for all those lovely buttons. how wonderful to have that adn to recognize it as a genuine treasure that it is.

Hey, btw, thanks for having the Creative Tuesday icon on your blog. now, when are you going to join in? As you see you don;t have to be terribly talented even--just get into trying something creative art wise. And you never know, you could end up winning one of the prize boxes that goes out every quarter. :)

me said...

Ohhh, I love buttons, too!! I get so intrigued by the different styles and designs. :)

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