At the Fair: part duex

Remember I was telling you about Fireball and it's stomach turning abilities?
  Here is that ring of fire in all it's glory.
You start off in the bottom of the loop.  Then you go a little right, a little left.  A little more right, a little more left.
Yup, until all the force has no where to take you but all the way around the loop.  Then they switch the cart so it does the whole thing over again in the opposite direction.
Excuse me while I throw up a little.

Then there was this beauty called the Starship 2000.  No, it's not that outdated.  I mean don't we have space rockets that are more than 10 years old?

Well, for those that were daring enough.  They entered in the little open door.  Mr. Happy tells me that then you just stand there and as the ship starts to spin (bleh!) you get pressed up against the wall until you are floating a few inches off the ground.  Not for the faint of heart.

I swear this thing was going faster than a twister in a windstorm being powered by a gassy cow.  That's fast!
Yes.  One more gut buster.

This one is called the Zipper.  The little cages spin.  The arm spins, the whole thing spins.  I bet you come off this thing and your whole world is spinning uncontrollably for days on end.

Bet you'd like it if spinning is your thing.
Then there was this beauty.
It was so sort of obstacle fun house for the kiddies.  But what got me was the German bar theme.  So classic for kiddies, don't you think?

I'm seriously thinking of this mural for my game room downstairs.  Mr. Happy is in the tie and I want to be the bar maid! (You see Katie in the bottom right too!)

Danke! (Thank you!)

I'm not sure how you find yourself here.  Did you come on purpose, find this while you were searching for a cheap printer cartridge, or did someone trick you into reading it?  Honestly, it doesn't really matter why you are here.  I'm just happy to spend the time with you.  Hopefully you enjoyed it too.  After all, where else can you go to learn over 10 ways to twist your stomach inside and out?

Do I have a few more Big Wheel pics during a sunset and in the dark?  I sure do.  When I am I giving them up?  Most likely tomorrow morning.  

Stay tuned.  And stay happy!

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