C is for Cookie!

Making up a batch of cookies is such a comforting thing to do. 

Sure to put smiles on the faces around you!

Start off with plenty of butter; softened to room temperature.  (You can sometimes catch me with a stick in my armpit working on softening -- if that changes your mind about eating the cookies out of my kitchen)
I wanted to put a fun twist on a good 'old chocolate chip cookie.  When I saw these babies on the shelf I knew immediately they had to be Toffee Chocolate Chippers!
You add brown sugar and regular sugar.
Give it a good mix until the butter and sugar are creamed.  You can tell it's creamed when the color gets lighter (or at least I think I remember my grandma telling me that).
A little baking soda and salt comes next.
Add the toffee bits (I used one cup) and chocolate chips (2 cups)
And voila... like magic the cookies are formed, baked, cooled, tasted, and lined up like little soldiers!

Emphasis on the tasting!  Opps, I broke one!

In hind sight my experiment was fun, however I'm not sure toffee twist is the way to go.  It made a big mess when I was trying to get the cookies off the baking pan.  And (as Mr. Happy pointed out) the toffee gets stuck in your teeth and takes a little fun out of the whole thing. 

I think the next version of these might be better balanced with walnuts.

What kind of twist do you put on your chocolate chippers?

1 comment:

chelsea rebecca said...

these look incredible!
adding toffee is such a great idea!
i'm doing that next time!

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