Big Wheel. At night.

Side note: our happy spot was feeling a bit green.  let's try this for awhile.

So, how has your week been going?  By the time you are reading this... it may be Friday (that's good right?).  Things are going alright here.  Busy, but making sure every moment is enjoyed.

As I am gearing up for the weekend, I can't help but think about how much fun we had at the fair over 4th of July.  I saved the best for last too.... the Big Wheel at night!

The first few here show a bit of pink in the sky from an amazing sunset.  Something so romantic about holding hands, at the fair, at sunset, while about to ride the Big Wheel.

Gorgeous, no?

Oh the angles.. kill me!

The colors, the lights, the lines.


Ok, maybe I wasn't holding Mr. Happy's hand.  I was so taken by needing to take all the pictures that were leaping out at me. 


As we went up, it was hard not to stare at how tiny things were.  We were up there.

Thank goodness Mr. Happy has a steady hand even at heights so I could show you how beautiful it was. 

I wanted to steal a smoochy or two... but there were two girls in the bucket with us.  It will have to wait till another time. 

Teeny, tiny ant people.  I squish you... with my fingers I squish you.   

Mush mush mush.

Look how amazing the Big Wheel light looks on me. 

I'm ready for my close up!

I really didn't want it all to end.

I wanted to just keep going around and around. 

and around.

Even the good things can't last forever. 

And you can bet this needs to become one of our 4th of July "things"!

What special ways do you celebrate the summer?

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Cynthia said...

i simply love the fair and these pictures are fantastic you really captured the "magic"

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