Good Earth

I'm sipping a cup of Good Earth Super Green Tea: Matcha, Sencha, & Orange

(I sound crazy right with this heat... but my office isn't called the ice box for no reason)

I bought this tea because I read everywhere about how good green tea is for you.

And I want to do good things for my body.

I will keep buying it because: one it's delicious. 

Happiness in a cup. 

Seriously, smiling ear-to-ear happiness!

And two.

The tea bag tag has some of the most creative happy quotes I come across in my day.

Today's quote:

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary." Pablo Picasso

I can just feel the universe screaming at me to break out my paints and go to town. 

It's either that or Mr. Happy has somehow slipped that in there as a way to get me to paint our pantry with a fresh coat or five of white paint.

I guess I won't know which it is.


Cynthia said...

goodness I've always heard good things about green tea but I think you've finally sold me!

Christie, how are you! i've been mia from the blog scene for awhile but I can't wait to catch up on all things happy here :)

Michael said...

Green tea is something i wish I enjoyed more--sweetened just right, maybe so. Indeed it is happiness in a cup.

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