Life is Dog-gone Awesome!

~I'm sewing up a storm and still holding strong. 
~The dogs got a nice walk to the lake and back. 
~I'm watching episodes of Game of Thrones and loving every line.
~The dogs got to meet and got biscuits from Santa on a fire truck. 
~I got candy canes from Santa.
~Seeing Santa still makes me smile from ear to ear; even though I know he's a firefighter dressed up.
~There are tiny little snow flakes in the air.
~It's about one week till Christmas.
~Life is dog gone awesome!!


Teje Karjalainen said...

There is nothing so beautiful that two sweet dogs - best ever friends - sleeping and dreaming together! Hugs from Teje & Nero

Wee Little Birds said...

Too sweet for words...

Melissa said...

What sweet pups!

Abercrombie said...

The happy life that you want to get is very easy, You just need smile :)

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