Almost Winter Hiking

A few more snaps of our recent time spent outdoors.  For the last three weeks, every chance we had, we would get up before it was light and dash out the door to enjoy the woods. 

It's creeping on to that time of the year that we don't wander as far or as often.  But I'm hoping this late dose of hiking will carry me through the winter months.

Our lake on a crisp, clear, still morning.

One of the first times I have seen such a calm water surface.  Just stunning to see double the amount of trees through the water reflection!

We wandered upon a few root cellars (or stone structures) that were built long ago.  This is the one we normally see from the trail.

This is a new to us root cellar that we found tucked into the hillside not far from where we normally wander.

A closer look through the opening.  And swear the mister and I talked ourselves into the fact that a bear might be nesting in this one.  So much so that I snapped this in a hurry as we rushed off.

This is an old well that I nearly stumbled into.

And this is the third one we saw on the same day. 

A closer look at the front.  Love how it really nestled into the ground!

The sun has been brilliant; even with the weird fall angle in comes down in.

And the woods around us never fail to spark my imagination and remind me how beautiful the world is.

And it just me, or do the few greens that are left look alive and brilliant?  Just takes my breath away.

Wishing you peace and center as we are about to leap into full festivities.  Do so with a clear mind and an open heart so that we may continue on our paths to kick start 2012 with a bang!!


Qurtan said...

Wow, nice pictures. I am inspired to go out in the nature when I see them.

Linz said...

SO pretty!! I love these pictures!! The world really is so beautiful!!

Wee Little Birds said...

Thank you for sharing. One of the things I love about blogging is see the areas where others live.

Bears Fan said...

Wow, beautiful lake pictures! What a wonderful place it is that you live!

Verna G said...

Curious as to what part of the country you live in?
I find your walk very interesting.

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