Ten Things Tuesday {& Mail Call}

The weather has been totally amazing and I have to admit that the whole Happy family has been finding every excuse to get outside and soak it all in.

There's always a lot of work to be done outside, but my goodness the amount of wood we have to split and move and stack and organize!  This effort is the result of the big heavy oak trees that came down in our October snow storm.  It's getting done little by little.  I am mostly in charge of the moving and stacking part. 

Sammy, who is still learning her off leash manners, found a very comfortable napping spot among the logs.  Those big heavy pieces also provided a great tie off spot for her lead!

Katie has been no slouch taking in the sunshine.  In fact, I know that I could even learn a thing or two about how she has mastered living in the moment. 

Fully.  Completely.  Like no one's watching.  Or she doesn't have a care!

Doesn't she just have the best smile!

One of Sammy's favorite things is ice cubes.  With the recent warm weather I got to introduce her to the floating ice cube game.  Take one dog bowl filled with water.  Dump in a handful of ice cubes.  And then prepare to laugh your stomach into knots as the dogs go bobbing for ice. 

Katie still snorkels with her nose in the water with this game.  Cracks me up every time!

I also got a package all the way from Australia!!  And I couldn't feel luckier to be able to give a home to these lovely treats!!  This was all a part of a fun pincushion and surprise swap I did with Megan from Silver Threads of Happiness.  Megan, thank you so very much!

I will be hanging this awesome crocheted mushroom in my sewing area and I just love the colors she picked... and look at how adorable the grass is!!  I also got those cute little glass mushroom beads.  Can you tell I have a thing for mushrooms?  I can't wait to dream up the perfect project for them!

The little tin is so very adorable (it had the glass beads tucked away in there)... I think I will be re-using the tin to hold my sewing bobbins.  Seems like the perfect size!  And coffee!!  I start my day with a nice big cup and I can't wait to try this one!

And then there are the pincushions.  In fact, I think these are what started the whole swapping thing.  I think I left Megan a comment saying how darn cute they were... and she offered to make me one... and I was very excited and wanted to make her something.  Next thing you know... we're swapping!!

I hope you can see how fantastic that forest and mushroom fabric is.  And yes, I got two pincushions!!  Pinch me!  They both have the same fabric on the back... and then one is decorated with the ric-rack while the other has a beautiful lace on the front.  They are so pretty.. how am I ever going to stick them full of pins?  

I feel so lucky for the friends I am meeting through this little blog of mine.  Amazing to know that real connections are still very present and even more fun when I find someone who understands my love of all things forests and mushrooms!!  *hugs, Megan*

Well, and that about does it.  Is spring springing where you are?  Spring things that are waking up here, like the tree in our back yard.  Did you spot Katie in this one? 

You know, this tree has bloomed each spring for the two years we have been in our house... and I kept saying that I wanted to get a picture of it.  It goes quick.  And now I can finally say I have one! 

Aren't these blooms amazing?


Jientje said...

Living the moment, that's what we all should do more, isn't it? Although I do think you and your happy family are already very good at it! I love the pin cushions, especially the crocheted one with the mushrooms!

Megan said...

Yay! I was just thinking yesterday that it must be getting close to you. So glad you like it all and hopefully the coffee is a nice one, it's MR's favourite brand - I don't drink it - but I know you do because I did some sneaky researching on your blog!

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