Total Crazed Tornado

Last week came in quietly and left like a crazed tornado.  I traveled, I gave a presentation in front of a big crowd, I took a full day training class, I left Sammy overnight for the first time, I moved and stacked a huge pile of wood the Mister chopped, I even got new fabric I haven't shared with you yet.

See what I'm saying?  Total crazed tornado!! 

And I sure missed being here... and missed you!  And I can't wait to catch up on all the happenings in blog-land.. yup, I have almost 700 posts in my reader and plan to settle with a cup of coffee and read each and every one!

And I'm excited to share a bunch more this week once I get my self straightened out again.  I even got a package in the mail that made me smile ear to ear (yes, Megan the package made it safe and sound)!!

Till then... enjoy this shot of us girls!  Sammy still thinks she's a lap dog even though she is nearly 50lbs and I have to laugh that we all have bright or red alien eyes... but still a sweet photo of us all.  This was taken a few weeks ago when we were boiling sap for maple syrup... good times!!


Jientje said...

I was wondering about the maple syrup only a day or two ago. How much did you get out of it? Are you still at it?

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Sweet photo! Life does seem like a major tornado sometimes!

Megan said...

Gorgeous photo of you with your girls! Looking forward to catching up on all your tornado busy-ness when you squeeze in time for some more blogging x

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