Warm Snuggly Birds ("B" don't look)

If your name starts with a "B"... and ends with an "A"... and you might be my sister-in-law... then do me a favor and come back after Christmas?  Yes, these birds are flying your way... but seriously... don't ruin the surprise -- love ya!!

Naked birds?  Can't have that.

For those of us who know people with bird decked Christmas tree's then these are a must make!

I bought a package of doves from the local craft store.  I'm sure really any birds would do -- well, maybe not vultures or crows.

Hello in there!  How's it goin'?

I took a pile 'o scraps from recent projects and began the task of making little neck warmers for these fine feathered lovelies!

"You're making those for me?"

"May I have a red one?"

For the size of these birds I used a 2 inch fabric strip.  Folded in half - right sides together.  Sewed down the open end.

A trick to turn small things inside out is to pin a safety pin at one end and use the pin to feed the fabric through.

And there you have it!  One red scarf for a tiny little bird.  Before I secured this one on I made a bunch more scarves.

Here are a bunch of scarves together.  I did cut the ends to make it look fringed.  Fun small details make my day!

I ended up using a hot glue gun to keep the scarves in place.  One dob on the back of the neck and then another under the criss-cross felt very secure to keep these in place.

Fashionable no?

Here is the family of birds together all with their new neck wear to show off!  I then just slipped these guys back in their original box and wrapped up this giftie!

Looking back on these pictures today, I am hoping they have something on their feel to be used to secure them to the tree branches -- like a twistie-tie or something.  If not, I am sure we can come up with something!!

Fun to take something a bit plain and give it some personalized flare!!

Hope you are staying with that festive holiday mojo and smiling while you are doing whatever it is your doing!!


Wendy said...

What a cute idea!

Shelley said...

These are adorable! Such a cute way to decorate!

verykerryberry said...

So cute and they make me smile big time!

Quiltstory said...

Ah! So so so cute!! Really creative too!

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