I've Gone Martha -- don't judge.

Yes, as in Martha Stewart.  Really it's all Greenbean's fault since I saw the idea there first and she made it sound so darn easy (link to Martha's version)!  And it was!

[A tease for You Can Sew-a-thon at the end of this post!!!]

I also can't usually resist a reason to use a mason jar and fabric together.  Plus, I had a tiny tray I am using to organize all this and needless to say the stuff is outgrowing the tray.  So here goes...

I started with a very pretty small mouth mason jar.  I like this one for the size and design, but the nice thing is that the lid created by this project can be put on any other small mouth jar... so if I want to switch to a shorter jar in the future it's as easy as twisting the cap onto a shorter jar. 

Next, I traced the lid on cardboard (inserts from a beer case) and cut out the circle which left me with the results below. 

The hardest part of this project was picking out what fabric to use.  Uhhh, I agonized.  Seriously, spent way to much brain power, but in my defense we are still up to our eye balls in house DIY for the new breakfast bar/kitchen pass through and re-painting more than 1/2 the house.... my brain has been on reduced power from it all.

I landed on this pretty red flowered fabric which had those cutie patootie caterpillars on it that I showed you here... deciding that the small print would be best appreciated on the small cushion.

Then I went a little crazy with the batting.  I save every last scrap of batting, so pulled out a bunch of pieces and decided I wanted a very fluffy cushion.

I cut the batting in squares and then even rounded the corners a bit. 

Are you reading this thinking how is that all going to fit in the limited space in that tiny ring?... if not, then you are like me... I was so optimistic that I would have the fluffiest pin cushion, only to realize after a large amount of hot glue was in place that this wasn't all fitting.  Go me!

I think one or two layers are plenty to fill in the limited space in the ring.  You have to remember to leave room to still screw on the cover (doy! I really have no idea how I let the batting take over my brain during this part, ha!)
Once I came to grips with my space vs. batting wants I ended up with a very nice looking cushion!  It is as easy as Martha says.  Secure fabric to top of ring with hot glue, then put cardboard on the bottom and wrap the fabric on to the cardboard and secure with more hot glue.

Or, my version... I used the cardboard to wedge the fabric and batting into place above the first inner ring mark, then I just a used a tiny dob of hot glue to hold the fabric down on the corners.  Voila!

I was able to put my random sewing machine parts ('left over' from when I took it apart here), extra feet for free motion quilting and zippering, and my spare sewing machine needles in the mason jar. 

I don't use this stuff a ton, but it's nice to have it within arms reach when I am setting up for each sewing session.

So, now my little wooden tray is feeling way more organized!  Bobbins, safety pins, and thread all have their own separate cubical. 

And, I am already enjoying my new pin cushion!  The height works nicely, I like how the pins can't get lost in the stuffing, and the little red flowers bring a smile to my face!

What have you made lately that has made you smile bit?  Or what project have you dropped everything for in order to bring a bit more organization to your creative space?

You Sew Can-a-thon
And! I have been stewing a bit and will have details for a fun You Sew Can-a-thon coming on Wednesday!  Are you as excited as I am to make a cute hand/machine sewn something or other for say Valentines Day or an upcoming birthday? 

I am!!


AnneMarie said...

Super cute pincushion! Organizing makes you feel so good....I am doing the same to my sewing space. Ahh! Fresh air!

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

How do I love that!!? I have zillions of canning jars. What a great idea Christine! I also have charms (5x5) - those would work hey!?

What did I stop to do...
I bought a few big white plastic boxes. In each is a project I am currently working on. That way my big giant mess of WIPs don't get all mixed up. And I put my stuff away now too! lol So when I feel ike doing project A, I just take that box to my sewing table. Super simple.

Betsy Brock said...

Cute! I made a large one once and filled it with new spools of thread and put needles in the top. It was for a gift. Lovely!

Jocelyn said...

Very cute. I love the pincushion.

Seaweed and Raine said...

Hee hee hee... what is that cute little cow that is in your sewing tray???

greenbean said...

omg!...it turned out too stinkin' cute!...i love it!...

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